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Workforce development expertise for small and mid-sized companies
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 Turn-key Training Management
      • Provide all the functions of an in-house training department:
      • Assess organization’s learning needs
      • Design and deliver training at all levels
      • Develop methods to measure and evaluate training’s impact on performance

Prepare People For New Roles
We have the resources and experience to help people transition smoothly into new roles whether it's coming into the company (onboarding), becoming a supervisor or manager or learning a new system or job. 

Build Existing Training Programs
Why reinvent? We can fine-tune existing training programs to keep them fresh and engaging. Or, we can build a program by filling learning gaps. We have 14 years of instructional design expertise to help with that.

Showcase Internal Experts
Often, the best experts are an organization’s own employees. We work with internal subject matter experts to design training when that is appropriate. We can deliver the training or we can train your experts to deliver it. The results are cost effective, make expertise available to your workforce at all times, are easy for you to update and are an employee morale builder.

Find Specialized Training
Companies who export often hold ISO Certifications which require specific training procedures. Those who work with the US government may be required to comply with ITAR regulations. Engineers may need training in a new technology. Every company should cover the basics of legal compliance. There are lots of training options out there. We'll do the research, find programs that are targeted and cost-effective and offer you fairly priced choices that address your specific training needs.

Analyze Training's Impact
You want assurance that your training dollars are well spent. We'll work with you to design a plan that uses data you already track to enable you to measure training's impact on your company's performance.

Scout Resources to Save You Money
Business leaders are busy. We routinely watch for training grants, tax benefits, and state or federally subsidized resources that may reduce your employee training costs. Opportunities that could reduce costs are sometimes missed. We watch for those opportunities and alert you to them.
All the functions of an in-house training department
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